Rentech Lithium-Ion Battery Rack Mounted 100Ah

The rack-mounted li-ion batteries are designed for the solar/back-up market. This series combines safe and reliable LFP prismatic cells with dedicated BMS to guarantee high reliability safety and scalability. The product can be installed in a 19” or 21” standard cabinet or rack.

Key Benefits


  • Automotive-grade pack technology and production process to guarantee safety
  • Directional explosion-proof valve design to isolate rarely occurring cell failures, ensuring 100% safety
  • Comprehensive thermal simulation and testing to control the temperature rise of each cell within the designed specification in the case of high-rate discharge


  • Separate control and protection for the charge and discharge processes to maximize system availability
  • Real-time detection of voltage, current, temperature, SOH, SOC and a variety of protection
  • Support for parallel connection
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Additional information
Weight 51 kg
Dimensions 43,0 × 43,0 × 17,7 cm
(AH) C20AH






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