Automotive Batteries

Our Battery Range

Willard Batteries

Willard Batteries supplies the OE and replacement markets with a comprehensive range of premium quality sealed maintenance free automotive batteries. Carrying a 25 month national warranty across the range, it is no wonder Willard Batteries remains one of the most respected brands in the South Africa.

Varta AGM Batteries

In partnership with leading vehicle manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and VW, VARTA has developed innovative battery solutions to support Start-Stop systems. That’s why at VARTA, we have years of experience of working with leading manufacturers.

Varta Blue Dynamic

Varta Blue Dynamic is an ideal power solution for vehicles of every class, even for luxury vehicles. Its excellence lies in its strength and reliability. Made in Europe – according to the highest European standards, Varta is your reliable long-lasting battery.

Varta Silver Dynamic

Varta Silver Dynamic AGM premium power is capable of powering the most demanding vehicles and accessories with three times the endurance of conventional batteries. It’s designed to meet the huge energy demand of vehicles equipped with advanced Stop-Start systems, such as regenerative braking. Made in German, Long life design, Climate proof and eco-friendly.

Heavy Duty & Commercial Batteries

Varta Batteries for Commercial and Earthmoving vehicles

The first step in managing your vehicle and earthmoving fleet professionally is choosing the right battery. Solutions with a low initial purchase price may seem tempting at first – but in reality they seldom mean low costs in the long run.

That’s because people often forget to include the costs of downtime and maintenance associated with conventional batteries. With the new range of VARTA batteries for commercial and Earthmoving vehicles, cost- intensive periods of idleness and maintenance intervals have become a thing of the past – and top performance has become the order of the day. That’s because they’re completely maintenance-free and perfectly suited to the harsh environment that commercial and Earthmoving vehicles are exposed.

The perfect power source for every Heavy duty application, Commercial, Agricultural, and Mining.

Industrial Batteries

(scissor lifts, golf carts, forklifts)

Venseq’s industrial battery range include the Rentech lead carbon sealed maintenance free battery suited for golf carts and electric scissor lifts as well as the 2v DIN spec lead acid forklift batteries. Sealed lead carbon batteries provide a significant saving on your total cost of ownership by decreasing the risk of battery failure due to neglect or poor maintenance.

The perfect power source for every Heavy duty application, Commercial, Agricultural, and Mining.

Motorcycle Batteries